About us

Founded in 2012, Namirembe Offsprings limited is a for profit limited liability company . Our major interest lies in redefining agriculture with critical emphasis on the farmer. As one may realize the farmer is the left over in the value chain and distribution. The core ingredient of the bigger business is the least beneficiary therefore we set foot in the arena with vision to change the plight.

Our Business

Our core mission is global supply of grains and cereals, our major crops are oilseeds soybeans and sunflower, in addition to millet, maize, and sorghum.

Our customers basically enjoy the variety of our products and for every need; we put our best efforts to provide efficiently.

Working very closely with our suppliers and customers, we have ensured quality is our priority and this is achieved through commitment and learning from experience.


Setting modern agriculture as a backbone of our economy

Our Core Values

As supplier, we work hard to offer our best in terms of quality, from formulating the needs of the customers to delivery. Improved nutrition and household income forms part of our core values, and our   management and interest to serve our clients is further consolidated by our network of local and global contacts.

Doing our best to serve the client lets us go the extra mile. This means, our 1million target for grass root farmers, living above $2 a day is very much achievable.

We are also committed to restoring dignity and social transformation of our farmer communities who happen to be our main suppliers.

 Our Objectives

  • Promoting good agricultural practices. (G.A.Ps)
  • Promoting modern and cost effective technologies
  • Improving our GDP whilst changing per capita income
  • Production, increasing farmer output per acreage.

Buying or Selling?

Are you selling or interested in buying Oil Seeds like Soybeans, Sunflower, Simsim or Produce like Maize, Millet among others?
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